Wife’s murderer nabbed


Was trying to escape from Bhopal

Crime Reporter, Bhopal Shahpura police caught the murderer husband from Railway Station who killed his wife in Bawadia Kala area near the railway track yesterday. Police has recovered blood clothed clothes from the accused. Now the police is interrogating him to get the full story of murder. However Police still not disclosing his arrest. It is significant that on Thursday noon a sensation spread on Shahpura Police Station’s area of Bawadia Kala where a young woman’s dead body was found in near the railway track with a blood all over her body. A big sharpen knife was also found in dead woman’s chest. Police recovered a mobile phone and a Scooty from the spot. On the basis of mobile phone and the registration number of a vehicle the deceased was identified as 25 year old Babli Balani alias Chandni. From the numbers found in the mobile, police informed her closures. While her husband suspiciously disappeared from the scene and his mobile was also switched off continuously. On arrival the deceased parents and brother told the police that she was currently living in PC Nagar slum area with her second husband, Guddu Chauhan. Before that she was divorced from her first husband. Sources says that after exploring CCTV footages from the surrounding areas and tracing the Mobile Tower location police nabbed Guddu Chauhan from the Railway Station before he escaped from Bhopal.