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WikiLeaks to keep fighting for Assange’s freedom


Agencies, Geneva WikiLeaks will not give up fighting for the freedom of its founder, Julian Assange, imprisoned in Belmarsh in London, in the time left until the US extradition request hearing scheduled to take place in Feb 2020, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson told Sputnik. "The formal hearing will be at the end of February. And we will be doing some incremental steps on the way to that. But in the meantime, we will of course continue the fight and continue to get people to accept the reality of the seriousness of this case," Hrafnsson said. He also stressed that the WikiLeaks website would go on working against all odds. "The precedent that it sets is not about Julian and WikiLeaks, it’s about the most serious attack on the press freedom in decades. Our main focus will be supporting, and me as the chief editor as well, we will continue, even though we have a limited capacity, publishing information on the WikiLeaks website," Hrafnsson said.

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