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Wildlife conservation becomes hitech in state


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Efforts made for Wild Life Conservation during the last few years in the state have been lauded in the country and abroad. These efforts of Madhya Pradesh are also being emulating by other states. Relocation of tigers in Panna, White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur, shifting of Barasingha from Kanha to Van Vihar and Satpura, successful relocation of Gour and Krishnamrig etc. and efforts made for increasing the population for on the verge of extinct species has proved successful. Moreover, the Forest Department has also achieved a big success in shifting Rojhados, which used to destroy crops, without causing harm to them in the forest. It has been observed that normally wild life management is limited only to the habitation of the forest animals in the country. Population of tigers growing Owing to the wild life management, the population of tigers is growing constantly in the state. The forest workers have successfully released 8 orphan cubs in the forest by raising and teaching them to hunt. The herbivorous forest animals have been relocated from their densely populated area. Over 1400 cheetals have been relocated to Ratapani, Fen Sanctuary, Kanha, Satpura and Tiger Reserve till now. Use of modern technology The Wild Life Research Institute, camera traps and solar lights are being fully utilized for wildlife management. Keeping in view the growing population of tigers, EI surveillance system has been installed at Mendora on the border of Bhopal. Training is being given by selecting 50 to 60 volunteers from the local villagers in the form of Bagh-Mitra for better safety of tigers and human beings. Compensation is provided against loss to the life of human being, injury and loss to the life of animal. Moreover, there is an arrangement for compensation against damage to the crop. Intelligence mechanism has been developed to prevent forest crimes and arrangement of patrolling camp has been made in the sensitive areas.  Awards

  •  Tourist Friendly Wild Life Destination Award -2006 Panna Tiger Reserve.
  •  Management Effective Evolution of Tiger Reserves in India -2006 Kanha Tiger Reserve.
  •  Tourist Friendly Wild Life Destination Award-2007 Pench tiger Reserve.
  •  Tourist Friendly Wild Life Destination Award-2010 Satpura Tiger Reserve.
  •  Best National Park Director State Award-2011 Kanha Tiger Reserve.
  •  NTCA Active Management Award -2011 Panna Tiger Reserve.
  •  NTCA Award for Excellence-2012 Kanha Tiger Reserve.
  •  NTCA Award for Excellence-2012 (Village Relocation) Kanha Tiger Reserve.
  •  Visitors Friendly Wild Life Destination-2014 Kanha and Satpura Tiger Reserve.
  •  India-UNDP Bio-Diversity Award-2014 Kanha and Satpura Tiger Reserve.
  •  Real Bank of Scotland _Green Warrior of India-2015.
  •  M.P. Tourism Most Tourist Friendly National Park-2016 Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.
  •  International Clark R. Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Award-2016.
  •  Madhya Pradesh Gourav Samman-2016 (IFS Shri Shriniwas Murthy)
  •  The Century Wildlife Award -2017Satpaura Tiger Reserve.

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