Will be your sister for life: Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim to Sreesanth


New Delhi, Television actress Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim who recently won the title of 'Bigg Boss 12', on Wednesday shared a heartfelt message for her co-contestant Sreesanth, whom she calls her 'bhai' saying she will remain his sister for life. Sharing pictures from the finale of the 'Bigg Boss 12' house set, Dipika said,'The proudest moment for me!!! As the top two contestants were #sreepika !!! Thank you bhai for being with me in this difficult journey.... no matter what we both were together in every situation standing by each other and this was our biggest strength!!! Already missing the Statue... the fights and the meals we had together in the house.... I am and will be your sister for life..... @sreesanthnair36'. Having won million hearts as a television bahu, Dipika’s journey in Bigg Boss wasn’t a smooth one. During her stay in the house, she always stood for what she believed is right and surpassed her co-contestants with her confidence and perseverance. In only a few weeks’ time, she found a confidante in Sreesanth and they became inseparable from there on.While Dipika fought her own battles, she also stood by Sreesanth through thick and thin.Having performed every task with utmost determination, she played the game with dignity. Even after receiving much criticism for her dominant nature, her constant banters with Surbhi Rana and playful conversations with Sreesanth were the highlights of the season.