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Will provide Rs 3,000 pension if 'gathbandhan' govt is formed at Centre: Akhilesh


Banda, Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of terminating Samajwadi pension yojana, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday assured Rs 3,000 rupees annuity if the 'gathbandhan' government is formed at the Centre. Addressing an electoral rally at a ground here in Atarra, Mr Akhilesh said that Rs 500 was being given under the Samajwadi pension scheme but the BJP governments at the Centre and the state stopped it. Slamming the BJP, the SP president said that after voting in the four phases of elections, the trite and vapid slogans will not work. The Prime Minister had recently come to Banda. People can pick up the record from 2014 and see what Banda got in the past five years, he added. Taking a jibe at UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Mr Akhilesh said that 'baba' CM does not know how to operate a laptop and hence he did not distribute laptops. Mr Akhilesh said that on the other hand, the laptops given in his tenure were still continuing. The SP leader said that this is not 'mahamilawat,' this is the time of 'maha-parivartan' (great transformation). In the present government, when the youth asked for jobs, they were given lathis. Rather than providing employment, the BJP wants the youth to fry 'pakoras' (fritters) and make them 'chowkidars', the SP president quipped. Initiating a direct conversation with the people, Mr Yadav said, "Did the Banda people think about the promises the PM made in 2014? How many promises has the PM made in his Banda rally? What did Banda get in these five years? They say that a water department will be made for water. Earlier, they had talked about cleaning the Ganga but the river was not cleaned. The ticket of the most eligible MP was cancelled from here, whereas their own MP was given an award." The former UP CM averred that the SP government had always worked in Banda-Chitrakoot which can still be seen. Laptops and Samajwadi pension had been distributed which was stopped by the present government. Expressing his concerns, the SP president said that due to unemployment, desertion was taking place in Banda and Bundelkhand. Much loss has occurred due to demonetisation and GST. The BJP government only makes schemes and that too incomplete, he added. Reiterating his dig at the saffron party, Mr Akhilesh said that the BJP wanted the youth to make fritters so that foreign oil comes in more quantity and their industrialist friends reap more benefits. What did the state government do for Banda in two years? We had started the Medical College but today it has no doctors or medicines. 'If our government is formed, both doctors and medicines will be available,' Mr Yadav said. Mr Yadav further said that the Chitrakoot people know that only SP has worked at the religious spots. The rope-way to reach 'Lakshman pahari' was made by the SP government while roads and electricity were also provided. 'Baba' has only done the work of changing colours, he said.

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