Women of Poultry Producers Co. are symbol of victory against poverty - Shivraj Singh


Bhopal, Today is a day of great joy for me. I had seen a dream of strengthening the state’s women financially. Ever since I became the Chief Minister I am consistently making efforts so that our women fight poverty and emerge victorious. Today I see this dream of mine being realized. The “Madhya Pradesh Women Poultry Producers” company of women from Kiratpur village of Itarsi tehsil have put up their own pellet feed plant. Today while inaugurating this plant I became very emotional. Women of this company have done a remarkable job. They have proved that nothing is impossible in this world. We only have to resolve that we will fight against poverty and emerge victorious. And today they have won. The pellet feed plant inaugurated today has a production capacity of 400 tonne pellets daily. This plant will purchase 36 thousand tone corn and 18 thousand tonne soyabean khali per year. Earlier the women groups involved in poultry farming in this area would have to purchase pellets from outside. Now with this plant the cost price of pellets will come down. This will benefit the women engaged in this work. Rs 10 crores has been invested in this factory of Madhya Pradesh Women Polutry Producers Company by the company itself while Rs 12 crore has been given as loan by Rabobank of Netherlands. About 6 thousand families of 11 women self-help groups are connected to this company. These families are from Hoshangabad, Betul, Sidhi, Dindori, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Sagar, Vidisha, Singrauli and Anuppur districts of the state. The annual turnover of this company last year was Rs 240 crore. Could we ever have imagined that our rural women could have established such a huge business with their hard work and acumen. This is definitely like a dream fulfilled. The women of this company had started poultry farming through women self-help groups 17 years back. About 5,174 women from these women self-help groups constituted under Madhya Pradesh government Livelihood Mission are shareholders of this company.Livelihood Mission assisted these groups in developing infrastructure. The women from these groups themselves invested working capital in these groups.Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam made available 3.5 acre land at a cost of Rs. 2 crore available to this company.17 years is a long time. These women did not lose hope and continued with their hard work and today they have made this achievement through this long journey of hard work. I congratulate all the sisters and families associated with the company. The sisters have set an example in front of all other sisters in the state. All sisters should take motivation from them. I am happy that today mothers and sisters are getting financially empowered in the state. Today, more than two lakh self-help groups of women are working in the state. Their savings have now reached Rs 250 crore. About 25 lakh families are connected to them. They all are doing well. Under Madhya Pradesh rural livelihood mission, poor rural families have been associated with self-help groups for economic, social and political empowerment. Women group members of financially weaker families have been made aware by imparting constant training and orientation. Many opportunities have been provided for livelihood thanks to increase in their efficiency and support extended by the mission. Due to the opportunities, annual income of 1.43 lakh group members of women self help groups has become over Rs one lakh. Their families have now got prosperity and happiness. Under the livelihood mission, the women self-help groups are engaged in manufacturing of soap, jaggery, peanut chikki, agarbatti production, vegetable production, handloom, garment, sanitary napkins and various agricultural based works. The self-help groups have been given assigned responsibility to provide mid-day meal and supply hot nutritious food to Anganwadi, to prepare and distribute supplementary nutrition food. They have been given the responsibility of making uniform of school children,electricity meter reading and distribution of bill in rural areas. Madhya Pradesh government is determined to provide all facilities and assistance to the groups. We will not let them face any problems. The government is making full efforts to increase their income and to provide market. We will make available loan at interest rate of three percent. Stamp duty won’t be charged. The government will take guarantee for bank up to Rs five crore to be given to federation. Responsibility is being given to federation of women self help group to operate factory for take home ration. I will call meeting of members of all the groups and hold discussion through video conferencing to know how they extend their work. We are supporting woman self help groups on priority. The groups are playing an important role in economic development of the state. It is a matter of great pleasure for me. I congratulate members of these groups again. In this context, I am remembering one line of great poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan - ‘Koshish Karne Walon Ki Kabhee Haar Nahin Hoti’.

(Blogger is Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh)