Women Security


Not only in the Capital Bhopal but all over the Madhya Pradesh the eve teasing criminals consider as act of adventure and masculinity. They became violent and attack if girls and women resent or resist their criminality. It is a growing realization in the society that the ways of punishment and system in the jail have gone astray. The physical punishment and hard labour have be abolished in the jail system. The criminal are just kept confined and doing small scale jobs and earning wages. The form gang inside the jail and operate from their with having mobile phone with them.They have no fear of jail at all. Such criminals commit crimes the day they are released. The jail system should be put back to whipping the criminals in public place and very hard labour. Jails are place of punishment and should not be converted into centre of small scale job and wage earning. Punishment should be in accordance with the crime. A criminal should be criminalized, brute should be brutalized and inhuman criminal be dehumanized. Then only there can be crime control, otherwise crimes will go on in increasing way.