World remains committed in fight against terrorism with India: Rajnath


New Delhi,  Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said the world remains committed in fight against terrorism and stands shoulder to shoulder with India in forcing countries like Pakistan to bring terrorist leaders to justice. 'We have recently seen the impact of collective diplomatic and financial pressure on Pakistan', he said.Addressing a seminar organised by the Centre for Air Power Studies here, he said that it was a matter of pleasure to be amongst the larger fraternity of the armed forces and particularly the air warriors who were part of the planning and execution process of the Balakot operation.

'Terrorist like Hafiz Saeed who were treated like VIPs have been put behind bars. We realise that this is not enough and unless Pakistan is made accountable, it will continue with its previous policy of duplicity and deceit. All attempts are being made to work in this direction', Mr Singh said.
Referring to the Balakot airstrike, he said that India had been seen as a country that did not respond adequately to terrorism despite grave provocations. The surgical strike of 2016 and air strike of 2019 at Balakot changed that perception once and for all.
These actions were not only resolute military strikes against terrorism and terror supporting elements. These operations also conveyed a strong and unequivocal message that went beyond its immediate impact.

Describing the impact of airstrike on Balakot, the Defence Minister said it reflected India’s approach against employment of terrorism as a low-cost option against India. It also indicated that terrorists, terrorist infrastructure and terrorist training facilities in areas beyond Line of Control(LoC) and International Border(IB) when employed against India, will no longer be a safe heaven, he added.
The Defence Minister also said the world stood as one against terrorism and its employment for perceived strategic gains. 'One year down post Balakot, I thank all our partner countries, friends and well-wishers, who recognised the challenge posed by terrorism to be greater than narrow parochial pronouncements', Mr Rajnath Singh said.

'I have little doubt that Balakot strike forced the rewriting of many a manual and rule book across the LoC. Those who preferred to place India in an imaginary understanding of the past, were brought into the reality of the present and its potential manifestation in the future,' the Defence Minister exhorted, adding that the Balakot will continue to reiterate India’s intent to employ the most appropriate resources for the intended impact, with an element of unpredictability and innovation as an integral part of the endeavour.

Talking about the structural changes in the Defence Forces, the Minister said that some major structural changes have been made which intends to tackle threats to the nation. It will take some time for the entire set up to be fully operational. This transition time is crucial and we need to keep the guard up, he further said. 'All stakeholders need to contribute in making these changes effective and efficient. Of course, there will be some teething problems in the initial days. We need to be ready for these and use our professional knowledge to find suitable and effective solutions', Mr Singh remarked.