Young dancers of Kalanjali enthrall audience at annual fest


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Kalanjali, an organisation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Indian classical dance and art form, organized its annual 19th “Kalotsavam” at Ravindra Bhavan on Thursday evening. The programme included Pushpanjali (offering of flowers to deity) to be performed by the students in dance form, Shivamayam – Lord Shiva stuti from Shiv Purana in dance form, Thillana - the pure form of dance in Bharatnatyam which focuses on adavu which means basic step that are combined to form a dance sequence. The programme also included folk dance of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan apart from Classical Music concert performed by the students of Kalanjali. The main highlight of the event was Rangarohan (first stage performance) of 24 students to be performed under Alarippu. More than 40 young classical dancers performed classical dance leaving the Bhopalites mesmerized. The young classical dancers of the academy adorned the evening with their beautiful performances. It was a breathtaking performance as the dancers kept their movements and expressions up to the mark and the body language impressive. The dancers were accompanied by live music among which G Suryanarayan from Kolkata was on Mridangam, Chembai R Shrinivas from New Delhi on violin, MS Kartha on Chenda and Parvati Pradeep was on vocal. Principal Secretary of Directorate of Culture Manoj Shrivastava was present as the special guest on the occasion. It is to be noted that Kalanjali is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Indian classical dance and art form. It is founded by Pradeep Krishnan. The event began with Pushpanjali i.e. offering of flowers to deity. Later, the students performed Shivamayam which was the Lord Shiva stuti from Shiv Purana. Since its existence of almost 21 years, Kalanjali, under guru Shri. Pradeep Krishnan, who also is the President of the organisation has been the key person who took the responsibility of imparting training in Indian classical dance and music to children. Through this medium of art, Kalanjali is also trying to inculcate the spiritual and philosophical growth in the children who are a part of this organisation thus enabling them to control and manage with the present competitive, high expectation and stressful lifestyle. The organisation aims to provide an opportunity for the aspiring young children to know about the Indian classical art form and to learn proper techniques under the guidance of the guru. Besides this, it also provides a platform with Indian classical dance assignments so that the students get career training to attain more confidence.