Youths should be free to do works of their liking


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The media talk show was organized at a restaurant in Malviya Nagar. A discussion on why the youths lag behind in participating in policy determination issues was held. There were total of six speakers in the media talk show. Two of them Harshvardhan Tripathi and Arif were journalists, two educationists included Dhara Pandey,professor and Nikhil Dave, professor and Vivek Sawrikar, theater artist and Vikas Saxena, social worker. Besides large number of people associated with art, media, journalism and education took part in the programme. Launching the discussions, Dhara Pandey said the youths face the burden of working for their future career from an early age. This burden should be reduced and they should be given the freedom to work according to their interests. Harshvardhan Tripathi said the youths should not become sentimental and focus on issues that are relevant and important for them and the society. Nikhil Dave said the society should work more for the upbringing of children. As the society does not involve in the upbringing of children, they are unable to mix in the society when they grow up and can’t understand the society. In the end Vivek Sawrikar said the life of youths has got limited to only job and money. They should express their views on issues of public interest. Among those present in the programme included Vibhav Dev Shukla, Komal Nigam, Divyansh Thakur, Alisha Sinha, Brijendra Singh Yadav, Swarim Shrivastava, Angha Telang, Pawan nagar, Adhish Kumar, Ajit Yadav, Pravin Tiwari, Sahil Mirza and others.