Promise of old pension increased Cong’s penetration among employees


  • After Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, Congress's sure shot in MP, will be a big election issue in 2023

 Harish Dubey, Gwalior
In the next year's assembly elections, the Congress, working on Mission 174, a

Taking lessons from results of 2018, focus on SC seats in Mission 23

  • In 48 reserved seats where BJP was defeated, party will go there with new programmes

 Harish Dubey, Gwalior
In view of the assembly elections going to be held in the state next year, the focus of BJP is now on the vote bank o

Scindia and KP's tussle took form of letter bomb


  • Scindia is calling Guna MP a member of his family even after public allegations

 Harish Dubey, Gwalior

KP Yadav, who defeated Jyotiraditya Scindia by a huge margin of more than one lakh votes in a tough co

Chambal: It is a challenge to maintain factional balance 

  •  Scindia supporters got big share, deprived leaders are being appeased

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
In Gwalior-Chambal, BJP strategists are sweating these days in trying to establish balance of power and harmony among their stalwart

Exercise to strengthen ground for Mission 23

 Bhagwat giving guidance by taking feedback, asked how to make country strong and united 

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
The organization of the four-day Swar Sadhak Sangam, which is going on in Kedarpur Dham of Gwalior, is being conside

Discord between old and newcomers for appointment in PSUs

 Claim of old members of BJP became a hindrance in appointment of Scindia supporters in corporations-boards


Harish Dubey, Gwalior
With the campaigning for the by-elections over in the state, no

BJP veterans gauging their strength by gathering crowd in banquets

  • Scindia giving preference to original BJP workers than old supporters

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
There are still two years left for the MP assembly elections. The election of the local body cannot be said completely yet, but the politi

Corona's shadow on 400th centenary celebrations of Gurudwara

  •  While SDM issued a ban order, Home Minister has assured of help along with explaining Corona guidelines; devotees will come from all across world

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
As the most important and largest religious place of Sik

Raja is making a dent in Maharaj's stronghold

  •  Camped in Chambal for four days o know the pain of flood victims; Scindia camp said political agenda

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
When Digvijaya Singh was the Chief Minister of the state, during this ten years, he did not interfere

Flood exposed picture of corruption, negligence and opportunism

The Truth of the Flood - 1

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
The severe floods at places like Shivpuri, Datia, Sheopur, Gwalior etc. of Gwalior Chambal division have exposed administrative negligence, corruption and opportunism of politicians and officers. A