Congress looted MP: Uma

Bhopal, (UNI) In a frontal assault on Madhya Pradesh’s “graft-ridden” predecessor Congress dispensation, erstwhile chief minister Uma Bharati accused it of turning Nelson’s eye to the state’s development and plunging it into gloom during 15 mont

Tall pledges doomed Cong: Uma

Gwalior, MP, (UNI) Strafing the enemy camp, Bharatiya Janata Party stalwart Uma Bharati alleged on Tuesday that exaggerated promises made by the Congress were responsible for the curtain descending unceremoniously on the Kamal Nath dispensation in Madhya Pradesh.


Diggy was power behind throne: Uma

Raisen, MP, (UNI) Strafing the enemy citadel, erstwhile central minister Uma Bharati alleged on Monday that Madhya Pradesh’s 15-month-long Congress rule witnessed party bigwig Digvijaya Singh orchestrating the dispensation from behind the curtain and “courageous opposition to this sys