Cases of dengue, viral, meningitis among children rising in Gwalior

85 hospitalized; 2 succumb, 12 serious
Gwalior: In the biggest hospital of Gwalior-Chambal zone, two children have died due to encephalitis in the last 24 hours. After dengue, viral, now meningitis is spreading rapidly among children. This meningitis (pyogenic meni

Now children are more prone to dengue than corona

 Nodal officers deployed to save children from dengue
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Schools from 1st to 5th class have also been opened from Monday across the state, including the capital Bhopal, after the corona infection has subsided. Bu

Number of dengue patients crosses 3000 mark in MP; Mandsaur emerges hot spot

Bhopal: The number of dengue patients is increasing rapidly in many districts amid the fear of third wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh. This year the number of dengue patients in the state has crossed 3,000. Mandsaur remains a hot spot of dengue. 50 dengue patients have be

Havoc of dengue continues in city, larvae found in houses

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After corona, now the number of dengue and chikungunya patients is increasing continuously in the capital Bhopal these days. To prevent mosquito-borne diseases, the District Malaria Department is continuously conducting larva surveys in the city.

Dengue scare: Use of coolers banned in Jabalpur

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The havoc of dengue has increased in Madhya Pradesh these days. In big cities like Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur, the number of cases has crossed 100. Meanwhile, the administration in Jabalpur has banned the use of coolers for a month. An ord

Pause on Dengue and Viral Fever Vaccination

Number of beneficiaries who got vaccination reduced, experts also said do not get vaccinated in dengue and viral
Target to give first dose to all by 15th September
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These days, cases of viral

Six new dengue, 4 new Chikungunya patients found in Bhopal

Dengue spreading to new areas in city, many districts affected
Bhopal: The number of dengue patients is increasing continuously in Bhopal. With the arrival of 6 new patients in the city in 24 hours, the number of dengue patients has reached 181. Last year

Number of dengue patients continues to rise in MP

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The number of victims of dengue in MP has reached 2200. The most affected districts are Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Mandsaur, Ratlam, Agar Malwa and Chhindwara. On Friday, 46 dengue patients were found in Mandsaur and 15 in Gwalior. The number of p

22 new dengue patients in Jabalpur, total climbs to 355

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Jabalpur: After Covid in Jabalpur, there is scare due to dengue. Situation is such that in the Ranjhi area of the city, two to three dengue victims are coming out in every house. According to the official figures, 22 new dengue patients have been

Dengue, Chikungunya patients increasing rapidly in capital

 7 patients in city, 4 more chikungunya patients were found
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The number of dengue, chikungunya patients is increasing continuously in the capital Bhopal. On Saturday, 7 dengue patients have been found in the city.